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Who am I and what do I do?

Chris Branch, University of Bristol graduate in Comp Sci and working for Clickteam on various projects. You can read my programming musings here. I'm available for the odd job you need doing, as long as it's not 'website design' as your money is better spent elsewhere.

I write, compose music, dabble in photography and generally ramble on endlessly.


I love otter


These are pretty old now, but don't let that put you off. (That's what the graphics are for.)


An action/puzzler where you have to destroy the rising tower of coloured blocks with exploding paintcans of the same colour. Amass points by exploding multiple blocks at the same time, but avoid cracked blocks - they'll cause a messy explosion and you'll lose points. 5 game play modes for hours of fun. (Please note that online high scores no longer operate.)

Download (4.43MB) (screenshot one, two and three)


Be an internet entrepreneur in this e-business simulation. You call the shots - will you get the visitors? Only successful management can guarantee a successful business. Luck also helps.

Download (824KB) (screenshot)

Internet Blaster

It lives on at the MadWord arcade. Blast an internet, why not? It's a poor man's Tempest but it's not too bad.


The popular seasonal snow screensaver is unavailable right now. (I can justify popular - it had a thousand downloads a week in Christmas 2003 and almost as many the year after.) If I ever bring it back, expect a four-dimensional snow scene. You've waited long enough, you deserve it.

Clickteam (Multimedia Fusion) stuff

MMF2 extensions:

You may find my MMF 1.5 extensions at the Clickteam Extension List.

I'm continuing to produce fun things for Clickteam, as well as making the not-so-fun things a bit more fun to use. You know, bug fixing, adding features, all that jazz.

I am not accepting requests to build extensions - I have enough to do as-is, and there are plenty of talented coders on the Clickteam forums who have the time and need your money. Likewise, don't give me feature requests for Clickteam extensions or MMF - submit those through the usual channels on their website.

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